Why is an SSL error code coming up after transfer?

  • Answered
I am having SSL error problems after transferring my site that I didn't have before. I am on namasteconnect.com.

It said "SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length."
(Error code:ssl_error_rx_error_too_long)

I have a music store and was uploading an mp3 into the page to sell.

It goes to the SSL Error page when I click to Save/Upload my MP3.


Sachin Boloor
Hello Sachin, When visiting https://namasteconnect.com I receive no error. This is a good sign and indicates the SSL should be properly set up. If you are still receiving an error during upload, you may want to contact our Live Support department so they can walk through the steps and see any errors. Best Regards, Scott M