Mail cannot verify certificate authentication

  • Answered
A few days ago, I could not connect to my email because my mail could not verify the authenticity of the certificate. I contacted support, they said a few things had been changed, and it was safe to click "connect anyway". I did, and I was able to receive my mail. This morning, I am encountering the same problem again. This time it says the root certificate is not trusted. When I check the certificate details, the issuing company now says Courier Mail Server (previously Comodo). Has this been changed, or has someone hacked into the system?

Please help...I cannot send or receive any business mail.

Hello Noelle,

I checked with systems here and they recently changed some things on the server that was hosting your site. This also involved changing the certificate. Note that you can ALWAYS check on status of a certificate by typing the secure path you are using in a browser and then looking at the certificate information with the browser. I double-checked yours and it is valid. The problem you're seeing is because your system is using the authentication details for the OLD certificate. You need to approve this one and then you should not see those errors again.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.