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I wish to setup Email only on inmotion with my domain

I am currently pointing the domain to APlus nameservers where the site is located as well.

The Aplus site will direct email to inmotion. How do I set the mx records to make this happen?
Hello Davidbrk,
Thank you for your question regarding setting up your MX record to host only email with us.

First create the email addresses in cPanel, so when the emails are delivered they will be accepted.

Since your Nameservers are not pointed to us, you will want your current host to setup a subdomain such as

Next, they will need to create an 'A record' for that points to your shared IP address with us. You can view your shared IP address on the left of your cPanel, under stats. You may have to select 'expand stats' to view it.

Finally point your MX record to
For example:

Be sure to allow up to 24 hours for the DNS modification to propagate. Feel free to post any additional questions you may have regarding this.

Thank you,