How can I move my e-mail to google apps?

  • Answered
I am having issues moving my email to google apps. I changed my MX records but it is still not working. Please help.
Hello fitsweep,

You are on the right track in regards to your MX records. I see all the correct records for Google in your account. There is one thing more you need to do, however. You did not remove the original record that is set to priority 0. Since that one is still there, the emails will try to be delivered to your account here first and only use the Google MX records if it fails.

Simply go back to the MX Entry tool where you entered the MX records and delete the first one (the non-Google one). This will take care of it and within a few hours (as the rest of the world gets the news that the record was deleted) your email will use Google Apps instead.

Best Regards,
Scott M