products page will not update

  • Answered
When viewed in browser from DW it looks fine, however, when viewed from the actual site it is totally different.

I still cannot send emails from site using a message form (php)...will just have to change that.
Hi charlen150, Based upon your question, it sounds like you need assistance with two issues: 1. Your site looks different in DreamWeaver than it does after you publish it. If you can post a comment at the bottom of this page with the following details, we'd be happy to review further: A. What is the URL to the page that is not displaying correctly? B. What aspects of the page should be different, and how so? 2. You need help setting up a script to send email from a web page. When sending email from a web page, there are quite a few options. I would suggest using FormMail, which is an easy script to setup. Thanks, - Brad