.asp pages don't display

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This is just a useful tip that could help others.
My previous hosting was windows based and so many of my pages were *.asp, and many external sites refer to *.asp pages in my domain.
When i moved to inMotion hosting I made all the asp pages redirect to either .php or .html pages.
But then I realised the server doesn't know how to treat the .asp pages and it only displayed them as text.
My fear was that Google will penalize me for errors.
Instead of writing redirections for each page I found in the cPanel something called Apache Handlers.
Under Handler I wrote: server-parsed and under Extension(s): .asp
This worked like magic!

(it actualy adds a line to the .htaccess files: "AddHandler server-parsed .asp")
Hi Orimagic,

Great information! Thank you for sharing this with the community. That's a great solution for people who are migrating from .asp sites.


Christi N.