I just created my domain / subdomain and it is not yet working?

  • Answered
I created a subdomain. Then used Fantastico to install wordpress on that subdomain. I've done this many times before but for some reason it doesn't work this time. I'm clicking on the link provided to visit the site and admin and it keeps showing problem loading page.

Hi Evangel, I'm sorry to hear your sub domain is not working as of yet. I've spent some time running through all the various scenarios, and everything appears to be setup properly. I believe that your subdomain is not yet working because it has yet to propagate to our nameservers. When a new domain / subdomain is configured to your account, it can take up to 24 hours (usually does not take that long however) for the DNS to update so that you can visit your subdomain. This issue should resolve itself shortly for you. If it doesn't please update your question or post in the comments and I'll be more than happy to dig a bit further and get things sorted out. I hope this helps. Thanks! - Brad