Cpanel Uploader not working

  • Answered
I've been having this problem with the cPanel ajax file uploader. When I try to upload files via the uploader, it doesn't upload correctly; it just maintains the "starting upload..." message. I can upload via the legacy uploader, but I don't like to go to the trouble of opening a new tab and navigating to the folder I'm uploading to. I'm currently using chrome 16 on cPanel.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi kpsuperplane, The Chrome / cPanel issue that you are referring to has actually been reported by others as well: Issue 98733: Could not use Upload function on cPanel File Manager v3 I can't say for sure if it is a bug with Chrome or with cPanel, but at this time my best suggestion would be to use another browser with cPanel, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Also, if you're never used FTP before, I suggest taking a look into using FTP to upload files as it may be even quicker for you than using the File Manager. Thanks, - Brad