Installing Tomcat and OpenCMS

doug4350 1 year ago in Other / General Information 0
Hi inmotion hosting team,
I have a simple site with static content created in OpenCMS - a landing page and a couple of page links branching off. I'm trying to find out how to get traffic routed to my domain and to the Tomcat connector for it to process requests.
I've installed Tomcat in my user account and it is running on the default port 8080. My first assumption is I need to have port forwarding configured by you guys to allow traffic in to my hosted domain. Is that correct?
I would like to allow ports 80 and 443, where I will only be using port 80 for testing connectivity into my domain.
With port 443, are the certs installed under $HOME/ssl to be used with Tomcat and other ssl based apps?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
- Doug
Hello doug4350, We are only equipped to provide support for Apache so we are not as familiar with Tomcat configuration. I'd suggest contacting our Live Support team to answer general questions or consider Managed Hosting (if you are a VPS user), where more advanced configurations can be provided by an experienced sysadmin. Best, Christoper M.