Traffic blocked to all my websites.

  • Answered
I have a few websites hosted here and I have a small program that checks a few things and connects to MySQL database hosted here and I run this program throughout the day on a scheduler every 10 minutes or so. I keep finding the ip addresses that I run that from getting blocked and cannot access the website at all. I have tried my home internet, Microsoft Azure and AWS servers with internet. They are telling me they are not blocking it so it has to be my host. I have checked the IP Blocker in cPanel and it is not listed, I cannot find it anywhere. After a few weeks it starts working again for a few days and then blocks again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hello tjwilliams19, Thanks for submitting a question about IPs getting blocked. We cannot exchange private information about your account in a public forum, though I'd advise contacting our hosting experts on our Live Support team so they can verify your account for security purposes and troubleshoot the issue further. Best, Christopher M.