New customer. I get error accessing pages from AMP

  • Answered
New customer trying to access Cpanel and other services from AMP, but whatever I click I get this error message:

Your connection is not private

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How can i access cpanel or anything else from AMP?

Hello Alexblankchat,

Thanks for your question about the error message "Your connection is not private." This is the result of using a self-signed certificate. Google has recently changed its policies about sites that are requiring the entry of name and password so that sites not using a "proper" SSL certificate will generate the warning. Self-signed certificates are not distributed from a recognized digital provider. You can get around this by purchasing an SSL for the site you're accessing, or you can set up your domains to use a free SSL generated from the AutoSSL option in WHM (since you appear to have a VPS account). Note that these SSL certificates are generated by cPanel. If you are conducting transactions using credit cards, then I would highly recommend using a purchased SSL certificate as they can be configured for more stringent security for that purpose.

I hope that helps to answer your question. If you have any further questions, please let us know.