Trouble Getting New Site Online

  • Answered
I can't get the site to do anything. I am trying to use the site as a static html site.
I have imported a file with a bunch of folders within - it was a zip file that I unzipped
I do not know what to do next.

please tell me what information I need to give you so that you can assist me
I am new to this ---- so consider that I don't hardly know anything.......


Robert Gage
Hello Robert, Thanks for your question about trouble getting new site online. I advise checking out our getting started guide. Remember that the domain requires 4-24 hours to propagate in the web. So it's possible that is why you're not seeing your site. Also, remember that the website files (which you mentioned uploading in a zip file) must be located in the "public_html" directory, which is document root for your site. All of this is covered in the guides linked to above. Best, Christopher M.