Setting up VaultPress for sFTP access to WordPress

  • Answered
Hi there,

I'm trying to setup VaultPress to backup my Wordpress site. VaultPress recommends using sFTP. On the VaultPress site when you click on sFTP it shows dialogs for

Server Address:
Port Number: 22
Username: ?????
Password: ??????

and then gives a public key stating that:

"Add the public key shown above to your server’s .ssh/authorized_keys file.".

I had a look at the various help files, but none of them seem to cover how to add to the authorised_keys_file.. Any guidance gratefully received :-)

Thanks, Jamie
Hi, Jamie! Thank you for asking your question regarding using SFTP. I'm sorry to see you're experiencing issues with your connection. SFTP is actually FTP, however, it runs through the secured SSH port. If you are on a shared server, you will need to generate/authorize keys to login to SFTP (via SSH). The linked article should guide you through that process. However, you should also note that since SSH is only enabled for cPanel accounts, you can not use a "special FTP account" for SFTP. Simply ensure you are using your cPanel user and password. Also, be sure you are using port number: 2222 if you are on a shared server. This is the default SSH port for that server environment with InMotion Hosting. If you are using a VPS/Dedicated server, you can refer to these instructions for SSH/SFTP access on VPS/Dedicated servers. Either way, you can always view your FTP settings from your cPanel. If you experience further issues, you may want to reach out to our Live Support for assistance with trouble shooting. I hope this helps! Sincerely, Carlos E