How Do I Point External URL

  • Answered
I created this website on your hosting platform. How do I point external urls: (For example to the website? What are the settings for Microsoft DNS?
Hello, Thanks for your question about pointing "external URL" and for inquiring about the settings for "Microsoft DNS." First, you can only make redirects for domains where you have control over their DNS. For example, I can't make random re-directs of the website from my own website. I would have to OWN or have control of that domain name. You can make redirects from the website were requests are being received. So, if you want to point to your site, you would need to have ownership/management of the account and you can create a redirect to point website traffic to this site. Here's a tutorial on how to redirect a site using cPanel. If you just want point the domain to your new website, then you would use an A record change to do that. Using your example domain (, you would need to change the A record in its DNS so that it uses the IP record for your site here. I hope this helps to explain the issue. In regards to your question about "Microsoft DNS" - that is a very general question. You would need to let us know what you're trying to setup and where it is located. You may need to consult with Microsoft support or their documentation for specific settings. If you want help with this, please provide more information about what you're trying to do that requires "Microsoft DNS settings." If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.