DNS issue? Web site doesn't come up in browser

  • Answered
When I try to access my web site I am immediately re-directed to this page: http://www.**********.com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi. I've cleared my DNS cache multiple times, and that didn't help. Also email directed to the email address I set up on the web site doesn't work. Clients cannot email me nor can they access my web site. How do I fix this? Thanks!
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding your website not showing up in a browser. In our tests, your website it resolving without any issues. I recommend performing a Ping and Traceroute tests to get specific information on the route you are taking to the servers. We also have a helpful guide on how to read a traceroute. If the emails are being bounced or returned our Bounceback Parser tool may help narrow down the cause. If your problems persist Live Support can help you review/access the mail logs for additional clues or errors. Thank you, John-Paul