Footer Columns and Special Thanks Removal in BoldGrid

  • Answered
I'm using BoldGrid. In the footer I'd like to have my widgets in columns rather than stacked one on top of the other. I'd also like to remove the Special Thanks from the footer. BoldGrid "doesn't support" that, but I know there must be a way.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding customizing Footer Columns and the Special Thanks in BoldGrid. Widget areas depend on the specific theme you are using. You may be able to add a GridBlock with collumns near the bottom of your for displaying the information. BoldGrid uses images and open source code, so the attribution is to give credit for those contributors as well. This is why BoldGrid requires the "Special Thanks" link and "Attribution" page. While we cannot tell you how to remove this, other visitors to our site have provided a solution in the comments of our Can I remove the Special Thanks link from my BoldGrid site? article. Thank you, John-Paul