Cancel an order for potential first time customer

  • Answered
Hello. I have ordered a plan as a potential new customer. I said I would pay by sending a cheque or money but would like to cancel my order please? I thought the payment would be divided monthly, I can't afford the lump sum and so I would like to cancel the order please? And as a South African I pay using paypal and bitcoin and this is not an option.
Hello, Thank you for your question about canceling your new account. I wanted to mention that you can indeed pay using PayPal, but only if the total order is over $50. However, if you still wish to cancel, you can call (757) 416-6575 outside the United States, or inside the US you can call (888) 321-4678 and choose extension 1. Finally, you can also contact us via email or chat, if you would prefer. Gratefully, Casey B.