I currently have email with a private server, and want switch to InMotion

  • Answered
I have my email hosted on a private server, but now I need to use InMotion for my email hosting since my third party service is being shut down. I have created my email account names at InMotion using cPanel. My email is POP so I do not need to transfer old emails, but I am uncertain what to do next. There is no support at the old host any longer, and the old server no longer seems to work since I get a message saying there is a permanent error when someone sends me an email.
Hello, Thank you for your question about using your account with us for your email hosting. It sounds like all you need to do now is modify your MX records to point to your account / server with us. Please keep in mind that these changes, as with all DNS changes, may take up to 4 - 24 hours to take effect. Gratefully, Casey B.