WordPress BackWPup Error Sending Query Packet

  • Answered
I'm getting warnings while using the plugin "BackWPup" recently.

I did a search on the WordPress.org forums for the plugin/plugin author and it lead me to a post https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-while-sending-query-packet-pid that said this: "it may be caused by the host’s memory limit being reached during sending the query, but could also be related to the mysql max_allowed_packet as mentioned in the other post."

Troubleshooting so far:

* Put a few of the sites in debug mode
* Put the "BackWPup" plugin into debug mode
* I removed any plugins these websites had in common
* None of the sites are SSL, all of them are using 'native' WordPress themes.
* Recently upgraded WordPress and plugins

Hello, Thank you for your question about BackWPup. It is possible that there are some resource limits in place on your server that could be inhibited the full use of the plugin. But, if the debug mode did not provide any specific errors it would be difficult to know for sure. In case of emergency, I would recommend following a manual backup procedure for the files and the databases because it would be reliable and fully supported in a shared server. Best, Christopher M.