Visible email account folders

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How do I control what email folders are visible to my email programs? I can see all folders when I use your webmail and I can see them all on my phone. However, if I check mail thru Thunderbird, it only shows Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk and Trash. I've enabled your Spam Assassin and I expect to see Spam folder as well as a number of other folders I use. I don't know if this is an inmotion question or a Mozilla question.
Hello beclause, Thank you for your question regarding viewing email folders. I recommend using IMAP settings (instead of POP) if you are check email across multiple devices, since it stores emails on the server by default. If you are using IMAP in thunderbird, you can choose which specific folders are visible, in the synchronization settings. In that guide they explain "Open the Synchronization and Storage page in the Account Settings dialog (Edit > Account Settings.. At the top of the page, Keep messages for this account on this computer should be checked if you want to synchronize messages between your local system and your mail server. If this option is un-checked, you can specify individual folders for synchronization. Click the Advanced... button: The folders that are checked will be synchronized. Sub-folders are not automatically synchronized just because the parent folder is checked. Instead, you must check each folder individually." If you are using the POP options for email, you will not see the folders on the server and instead must organize them in Thunderbird. For example, emails flagged as spam will come into your Inbox with "**Spam" in the subject. You can then create a filter/rule to move any emails with this flag to a "Spam" folder. Thank you, John-Paul