I can not access to my new hosting via FTP

InMotionFans 4 years ago 0
Hello support; I need to know what the error is, since I changed my password twice in cPanel and I try to access my new hosting (with you) to load content of emails already created. I want to upload all the mail downloaded in cPanel from my old hosting to this new hosting, I correctly put the domain, cPanel user and cPanel password and I throw error (530 Login authentication failed .... critical error: could not Connect to the server). I have tried many times but I do not know my error. I need help to access my new server via FTP. I would be grateful if you would respond.
Hello, Thank you for your question about connecting via FTP. I would recommend following our guide about setting up an FTP connection carefully. Please let us know if you have already been through each of these steps. Gratefully, Casey B.