Android Apps Httprequest To Server

  • Answered
I am a recent inmotion user, I had my website working fine and it has a webservices that connects with an android app it was working fine in a shared web hosting but now in a dedicated server I am getting problems with the server response to the app. When I call the webservice from the browsers it works fine, but when I do it from the android app, I get answer null. The only thing that I notice is that from the browser it is a synchronous call but from the app it is an async call, so is there something that needs to be change in the server configuration for this to work? The app works fine pointing to the shared web hosting.

I really appreciate any help, thanks
Hello, Thank you for your question on why the android apps request works differently on your VPS than it did on the shared server. This is likely due to some configuration difference between the two servers. You will want to contact our Live Support team so they can walk through some specific tests with you and then find the configuration difference. Kindest Regards, Scott M