I get alot of unwanted traffic and server CPU skyrocketing

  • Answered
Is your server and my webshops hacked? I get alot traffic from USA (Webshops only in Danish) and from referral source like *****.cf, *********.gq
It´s www.*****.dk and ****.dk that are hit. I can see that the server CPU also hits 350%.
You have shell-scanned my shops and i just was told that they were not hacked. But what with all the unwanted visitors and CPU usage? Please help. I have 3 prestashops running on your servers.
Hello ifirm, Thank you for your question regarding unwanted traffic. We actively monitor the security of our servers, but it is up to the website owners to protect their specific websites, and webshops. When your website is online, traffic can come from anywhere in the world (such as foreign countries, robots, or spam sites). So, it is not uncommon to see traffic from strange sources. You can use a robots.txt file, which can stop some unwanted traffic. Keep in mind this does not stop them from crawling, but requests that they do not crawl. You can block unwanted users from your site, or even whole countries, using .htaccess rules. Also, you can Disavow Bad Links from an External Pages using Google or Bing Disavow tools. A lot of unwanted traffic can drive CPU up based on how your site is coded. For example, dynamic sites generate content/pages when requested, and if you get a lot of unwanted requests it can drive your usage up. Optimizing your site with caching, avoiding intensive plugins/extensions, blocking unwanted traffic, etc. can typically address CPU usage issues. I recommend requesting a review of your CPU usage from Live Support so they can look at your server, and provide account specific information. Be sure to let them know the times you are experiencing these issues. If you suspect a hack, I recommend reading our article I think my website has been hacked, as it can help you determine if you were. Our article on Recovering after a Hack can help you get back up. Thank you, John-Paul