Wrong images being served

  • Answered
Recently, after updating a site, occasionally the wrong images are served. I can provide screenshots, but in the meantime an example: the navigation is supposed to show an image called ribbon.png but randomly it displays a photograph of a totally different name instead, shrunk down into the space allotted for ribbon.png. What could possibly be causing this all of a sudden?

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with different images displaying on your site. So far, I am unable to duplicate the issue. Are there any specific steps to take to cause the behavior to occur? Does it occur on the same device as the normal behavior or only on a different device? Are you using the same URL for both occurrences?

I looked at the code for the navigation. The ribbon.png call is made through the CSS file for the 'nav--home--active' id. That file is what governs the display of images for that location. That file should not be using dynamic information, meaning the image name should be hardcode in the file.

If you can describe how to cause the alternate behavior, we may be able to at least find the location and name of the other image. That may give some insight as to what is happening.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M