Support Chat Issues

  • Answered
I have had issues with Support Chat over this week - it is timing out whenever I try to use it. Looking further into it, it seems to be related to the browser considering it not secure with a mix of secure and insecure content.

It fails in the most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome in Ubuntu 16.04, and in IE 11 and the most recent version of Chrome on Windows 7. I could try it on other machines with Windows 8 and Windows 10 and various browsers, but not sure I'm going to have any success. Chrome reveals the most by striking through the https:// at the start of the URL and the underlying error seems to be an SSL one.

Based on the above I'm assuming the error is on your side?
Hello Builddroid, Thank you for your comment on Support chat issues. There was indeed a small issue and it has ben corrected. The Support Chat should now display properly and with the full SSL identification. Kindest Regards, Scott M