Error 406 when registering new user

  • Answered
I get Error 406 (mod_security) when I use username and password of a newly registered account. I contacted support and they said I disable mod_secutiry and use some other secutiry instead since mod_secutiry seems to block due to too many attempts. They also suggested that I manually approve IP everytime someone registers.

Neither of the two solutions seems reasonable. Manually entring IP would be impossible and disableing mod_secutiry will be problematic. Any other solution ?
Hello kapil.nandwana, Thank you for your question regarding WordPress. Can you provide us the full error you are seeing? As we do have a mod_security rule in place for the wp-login.php and wp-admin/ areas of WordPress. This was due to a large scale brute force attack that affected more than 100 different web host. If you are getting the messaged explained in this article then the only solutions would be the ones provided. Best Regards, TJ Edens