SpamAssassin not identifying spam emails

InMotionFans 4 years ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
In the last few weeks one of my users has seen a radical increase in email spam. I did some investigating, and all the emails were scored below our threshold of 4. Some of these emails are blatantly, obviously spam, so I used an online utility to read the email (including headers) and give it a SpamAssassin score. The online utility scored these emails way way above how they were scored by the server. Like, 8.8 vs .1 or 10.3 vs .9. What might be causing SpamAssassin to fail, and what can I do about it?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about SpamAssassin allowing spam through. Our guide SpamAssassin enabled and still getting spam explains some of the reasons why SpamAssassin might be letting through what you consider spam into your email Inbox, and what you can do to try to reduce the amount of spam you have to manually review. Since the online utility you used may have a different method of scoring spam, you may want to also consider submitting an example of a spam email to Live Support so they can look at the actual Spam Assassin score in the server logs. Thank you, John-Paul