Removing 'excluding tax' from Prestashop 1.6 products

  • Answered
I'd like to remove the 'excluding tax' attached to prices on my website as it confuses and deters customers and serves no useful purpose. Can anyone explain how this can be done? I've tried disabling tax as an option, and deleting specific sales taxes, but that does nothing at all.

Thank you for your question on how to remove the 'Exc Tax' label from your products. This is a toggle switch at the coutnry level. Go to 'Localization' and then 'Coutnries'. Find your country and click the 'Edit' button for it. The field is titled 'Display tax label (e.g. "Tax incl.")'. Click it to set to 'No' and then click the 'Save' button in the lower portion of the screen.

That label should now disappear when you refresh your page or visit the site again. I have tested it on my own PrestaShop installation. (It was not on by default, I had to turn it on to see it and then disable it again)

Kindest Regards,
Scott M