I cannot import demo data in the Wordpress/Avada theme.

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I have installed WP and Avada theme, but it will not import demo data. I have set all the WP memory limit is set to 512 and PHP time limit is set to 300. I have contacted your chat support and tried to get help but nobody can figure out what the problem is. I tried to install it on a different hosting service and it installed without any problems. Can anyone help me out please?

Thank you for your question on importing demo data in the Avada WordPress theme. We would need to be able to test the issue in order to troubleshoot it. As it is a paid theme, I am unable to download it and place it into a test environment. The only other way would be to use your specific account to repeat the procedure and try to identify the cause that way.

That is not something that we can do from this forum as it would require you giving us sensitive login information. For our part in this, you would need to contact our Live Support team and have them look at the back end during the import. They would be looking for any memory issues or errors that the serer may be throwing.

Failing that, since it is a paid theme, you would want to get with the theme support or developer. If it works on one server but not another, it is likely the environment of the server that is the cause, the theme support group should be able to take a look and identify the issue. They may also need your information to get into the back end or hosting account, so be prepared to provide that if they ask.

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Scott M