Email bounced back as spam when replying to an email

rydog 4 years ago 0
One of our people keeps getting an email bounce back when trying to respond to an email sent from a client. The error is a 550. I have gone through the link that is suggested to find out why but have found no solution. The email account is set up with the SMTP authentication. There isn't any crazy wording that look like spam. It is happening with almost every email reply they send out. If they copy and paste the same exact content it goes through but that is ridiculous to have to do every time they want to send an email. We are on a shared server, have we been blacklisted somehow?? Please advise.
Hello rydog, Thank you for contacting us about a 550 error when replying to email. Here is a helpful link to our full article 550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered. Since you have already tried the first two solutions (Enable SMTP Authentication in Outlook, and Evaluate email content), I recommend the third solution to contact Live Support directly. Simply forward the failed email complete with the bounceback headers to support@inmotionhosting.com and they will be able to test the email against the filter and find which rules were violated. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul