Website themes are limited

  • Answered
I have chosen the restaurant category for themes. There aren't many to choose from, maybe 5-6. I try to see all of the themes and it only shows me about 14. How do I see more choices and get out of the restaurant theme category?

Thank you for contacting us about using themes in Boldgrid. The Boldgrid team is working on new themes all the time. For now, that initial group are the primary options for now, but, as you may have noticed, they are fully customizable to fit virtually any kind of site.

The important thing about the theme categories is that they will display example content based on your choice, but you have access to all the other themes, and you can replace the example content. For example, with the restaurant category, you are seeing example restaurant content, but all of that content can be changed to fit a different purpose. So you are not locked in any particular category after the initial inspiration.

Thank you for your question; we are certainly working to get more themes available soon.

Christopher M.