Finding MySQL needs to be rebooted daily

  • Answered
I work mostly nights so I have been able to catch it when it happens -- our WordPress provides an "Error in Connecting with the Database" message, rebooting MySQL server solves the problem (though tonight we had t reboot both Apache and MySQL).

I've looked at what I believe are the Apache error logs (errlog.html) and not seeing anything -- and haven't a clue where the MySQL error logs are kept...

Two questions:
Where do we find the MySQL error logs?
Do you see anything on our system where we should be giving attention that you believe isn't getting attention?

Thanks in advance!
Hello thehrisworld, Thank you for your question on how to find the MySQL error logs and sorry you are having issues with it. The location of your MySQL error log is in the /var/lib/mysql/ file. Unfortunately, I do not have an answer off the top of my head for your second question. You may want to contact our Support team via a verified email ticket so they can maybe do some sort of review on the server to determine why the issue occurs. Kindest Regards, Scott M