Advisability of creating a WP blog in a subdirectory

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I have a subdomain with a WP theme (Divi) that works perfectly except I do not like its blog page format nor its blog masonry format. I have been thinking about adding a new WP theme that might have more appealing blog page formats by putting it in a subdirectory under the subdomain. I would have to make a menu link from the subdomain WP to the new subdirectory WP and vice verse. The URL would be:

Can you comment as to whether this is a wise thing to do or will I run into problems as visitors try to get from one directory to the other?

I ask because there was a post that advised against this. See quote:

"While it is not advisable to install WordPress in a sub-directory of a WordPress installation, this Stack Overflow thread should get you on the right track. Best Regards, TJ Edens"

I have no idea what "Stack Overflow thread" is. And I most certainly do not want to screw up the main WP in as I am just launching its services now.

Hello SEAJAY11,

Thank you for your question on placing your blog into a subfolder. The domain is not considered a subdomain, but an addon domain. Addon domains stand on their own, whereas a subdomain looks something like Placing a blog into a subdirectory of a subdomain would look like You can see how this would be very confusing to visitors. However, it appears you are wanting to work with an addon domain such as This is quite normal if the entire WordPress install is in the /blog subfolder, meaning the main portion of the site,, is made of something else. If you want the portion to be WordPress and have the blog portion be under a /blog subfolder, this is not normal behavioral design for WordPress and would require modification or possibly a plugin to do so. That is not something we will be able to assist with.

The Stack Overflow thread TJ mentioned should be a link to a site named Stack Overflow. It is a question and answer forum where people ask all kinds of questions for programming, server setup, etc. The link should lead to a thread that described the changes needed to do what you are asking.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M