update table in front end

  • Answered
i want to display table from sql using php.then add the end of each row a delete cel and an update cell.when i click delete link,delete that field from table;when i click update link,move to the edit field and give me an option to delete that record.then update that updated values back to the table.give the code plz
Hello, Thank you for your question on how to update your table from the front end of your website. While I do understand what you are asking and the task itself is not terribly difficult, we unfortunately are not able to provide custom coded solutions. There are several tutorials on the web that will provide base code and instructions for these functions. We do have a tutorial for the retrieval and display of the data on the page. Next, you will need one for how to have buttons activate a php function. Then you will need one for updating a table and one for deleting rows from a table using php and table data. Ensure each piece works before moving on to the next and this particular project should not take much time at all. Kindest Regards, Scott M