Is "system error warning" legitimate?

  • Answered
I received a "system error warning" with instructions to call 855-893-4217 to receive help from a Microsoft- certified technician. I ran a quick scan - no trouble detected. I goggled the number; nothing came up to prove that this is a proper helpline. Is this a legitimate warning?
I received this message today as well. I called Microsoft and they confirmed that this was not sent from them it is a scam and a virus was put on my computer. So do not call that number find another way to fix ur computer either have get the right kind of anti virus or pay Microsoft to fix it.

Thank you for your question on the email you received. That email does not sound legitimate as Microsoft does not send emails to users it would be a popup on your computer. I would suggest using something like Avast to run a boot time scan to scan for any viruses before your windows machine boots up.

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TJ Edens