Contact Form not Sending Information

  • Answered
I've just updated to the newest version of WordPress. I'm using Contact Form 7 for custom order forms for my decorating business. When I submit a completed form, my webmail email doesn't receive it, but my forwarding email does. However, in the email I do receive, it doesn't contain any of the information from the fields of the contact form. It just lets me know that a contact form was sent from my website. How can I fix it so that I can see the field content of the submitted forms AND get it to be delivered to my webmail address as well? Thank you!
Hello, Sorry to hear your Contact 7 form is not working with the new WordPress 4.4 version. Given your description of the issue and assuming it was working prior to the upgrade to version 4.4, it seems the issue may be plugin related. Indicative of this is the fact that one email address is receiving an email while the other is not. If it was server related, then it is much more likely that neither would receive it. This is likely a settings malfunction or an incompatibility with the new version of WordPress. You will want to be sure that the Contact Form 7 plugin has been updated, or that it has been confirmed to be compatible with WordPress 4.4. A great test would be to install a separate test instance of WordPress 4.3 on your account, for instance under a subdomain, and then install the plugin and test it there. If it works like it used to with that version but not with 4.4, then it gives more evidence of incompatibility with the new version. You may also want to check with the plugin's page or website to see if there is any reports of issues after the upgrade. Plugins should have been changed to be compatible with the new version by the time of release, but from time to time there can be issues even after the release. These are usually quickly fixed by the developers if they are still updating the plugins. Kindest Regards, Scott M