text/x-generic files in public_html

  • Answered
I just migrated my Joomla 2.5 website to latest Joomla 3.xx and noticed some new strange files created in public_html root, where site reside.
Those files are text/x-generic type: core.xxxxxx (numbers). There's 32 files in total and around 68 MB each.
Just want to know are those files of any importance for my hosting account and if they are created by your side. Will there be any damage if I delete them?
Hello Valdimir, Thank you for your question on the generic files you see on your account. Those are core dump files. They can occur when your code crashed. Deleting them will not hurt anything, but keep an eye out to see if they continue to appear. If so, there may be something in the Joomla that needs to be looked at. In that case, be sure to contact the Live Support team for account specific help. Kindest Regards, Scott M