Web host for www.ama-enas.com

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Dear Sir,

We are the company who paid al fajer to make our website, but it took many months to have their attention and still website is not active.

this is the website www.ama-enas.com
we are looking for the web host for it.
i search on google and your website appeared, so i drop a message hoping to get your response.

we would like to have the log ins for it.
we will give our best to give any requirements to prove that its our domain since we paid for it.

Thank you or your time & Regards,
Tim S.

We're more than happy to help you with finding out who hosts your website. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information in a public forum such as this. You can contact the Support Department ([email protected]) or call 888-321-4678 for further assistance.

Thank you!

Tim S.