Site transfer - when completed?

  • Answered
I requested a transfer of & from to 4 days ago. When will this be completed and how will I know when??
Another thing to consider as well is that each domain registrar has to verify the transfer. So it's a good idea to check your email, including junk folders, for the authorization email.

I had a like issue before where the wait time was actually on me because I never answered the email authorizing the transfer from the original host. Just unlocking for transfer wasn't enough.
Hello Maricu5, Thank you for your question on your site transfer status. Unfortunately we are not able to give account specific information in a public area. We also would require account verification to do so, which would require you giving specific information you do not want in the public area. You can, however, contact Live Support and ask them the status of your transfer. For general information, I know transfers are handled in the order they are received. Sometimes there can be more of a queue than others, but they will be handled in order for fairness to all customers. Also, if you mean transfers of domain names themselves, those can take up to 14 days to process, depending on the registrars involved. I have seen some take a few hours and some take the full 14 days. Kindest Regards, Scott M