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I am planning to host a website for my business and i would like to know about the further proceedings.Could you help me with the details of the requirements given.
- Hosting e-mail with the site domain
- Employee login to access e-mail through the domain/site
- Data Storage and upload capabilities of the e-mail along with number of users
- Control panel for the administrator for monitoring,creating e-mails,changing passwords etc..
- Best SEO policy and time frame in which the search engine would pick up the domain/site
- Regarding sub-domains
- Security Concerns

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Thank you for your questions about hosting with us. Different plans have different features, so you may want to compare those here.

All plans, however, have email as part of the plan. They have a cPanel (control panel) area where new email accounts can be created by the admin. Each email account holder can access the email either by using the webmail URL ( or by using an email client such as Outlook, MacMail, etc.

There are not any specific numbers on the shared plans for the amount of email that can be stored, nor are there any practical upper limits on the number of email accounts.

We do not have any information on SEO as that has nothing to do with the server itself and is entirely on the customer to set up for their website.

The number of subdomains is set per plan, and can be seen in the above comparison link.

Any security questions would need to be asked of our Live Sales team as that is not anything we will display in the public area, for security reasons.

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Scott M