How do we make our website live?

  • Answered
Last Wednesday we transferred our domain from our previous host to InMotion Hosting. InMotion helped us set it up step by step. It should have been completed within 48 hours and after a week our website is still not live with our domain, it just showing the temp URL. Now when we type it is showing an error 404 which it didn't prior to calling Tech Support. John C. from support said it was a PrestaShop issue and we needed direct the issue to the forum. What needs to be done to make our website live with our domain and not the temp?
Hello, Sorry for the problem with your PrestaShop website. The problem is that whatever URL has been set ini the PrestaShop site is being re-directed by the .htaccess file. you need to login to the PrestaShop admin site and then change the site URL. The .htaccess is set to make the site go to the shop sub-folder. If you continue to have the problem changing the URL, please indicate what you're using and provide access to the admin, so that we can login and check it ourselves. I did remove the default.htm file that was showing the Under Construction screen. This was showing because there is no index file within the PrestaShop installation root folder. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.