How Do I Fix a Parse Error?

  • Answered
I was working in a childs theme and deleted some code from the functions.php. Now I can't access my wordpress admin dashboard and I get a notice that says parse error on line 15. How do I fix this?
Hello klediobaci, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress login. Since you deleted code from the functions.php file, that is the likely cause of the issue. You will want to restore that file. If you did not make a copy of the file before changing it, you will need to replace that file. You may simply redownload the parent theme, replacing functions.php file, or you can download the theme to your local computer, open up the zip file, then copy the functions.php file up to your server. It is always recommended to make a copy of a file before you change it in case something goes wrong. If you are working with multiple files, you may want to make a backup of all your files prior to making the changes. Kindest Regards, Scott M