adding featured image problem

  • Answered
when adding a "featured image" on a web page titled FAQ's on my website -the image uploaded BUT it changed the TITLE OF THE PAGE TO A WHITE COLOR -instead of original BLACK -which makes it impossible to see unless you tilt the screen- further it increased the space between header and picture (image) to 10 inches -way too much space how do I get black title of page back -and reduce the space ODDLY enough when you go to "edit page " it appears normal . oN THE WEB SITE the title page can not be read
Hello, That seems a bit odd with your header. I am not sure if that is something specific to the theme. However you can edit your styles.css file on line 765 and remove the "color: #fff;" entry. You can do this in the WordPress theme editor. That should alleviate the issue and you may want to contact the developers of this weird entry. Best Regards, TJ Edens