Old version of Curl

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My Wordpress SEO Premium plugin will not update. Error message says - Download failed. SSL: certificate subject name '*.mycloudproxy.com' does not match target host name 'yoast.com'
When I googled that, I found a support page on Yoast that describes the problem as my server using old version of Curl. Here is the page - http://kb.yoast.com/article/263-update-errors-with-certificate-subject-name

I followed the instructions and it looks as though my server is using a version of Curl that is 9 years old.
I'll bite my tongue now and just ask - can you update it, or is there something I am suppose to do to update it.
Thank you.
Hello, Thank you for your question about your old version of Curl. The version will depend on your server as not all servers have the same OS or cURL version. It appears you are on one of the older servers in our fleet. You can certainly request to move to a newer server. This would have an upgraded OS version and a newer cURL version. You can also choose to move to a VPS or a Dedicated platform where you can install any version of cURL you like. The most current servers are running version 7.19.7, which works for most applications. If you need a newer version than that you would need to consider the VPS/Dedicated options. You can contact Live Support to request a server move or visit your AMP for upgrading your plan. Kindest Regards, Scott M