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Joomla User Profile Plugin

In my registration form i added the user profile plugin to collect other user informations, what i want to know if possible is how to add these fields to the Admin notification email that actually shows only the username and name of the registered user.


Modifying default user profile view

my question is related to Brad's article on User Profile Views in Joomla 2.5.

is there a way to remove any fields in default User Profile view. For example, I do not need "Editor" and "Timezone" fields in Basic Settings section of the profile.


how to validate a text field & date field in the website using joomla?

I want to add some validation to text box which is in my website already.
similarly I also want to add the validation
to the date field..how can I do this.

Getting error on linking virtuemart to joomla web page

Fatal error: Call to a member function setState() on a non-object in /home/s2l/public_html/modules/mod_s5_spotlight_news/helper.php on line 78

This is a new install. Have deleted and reloaded three times with same result.

VM version 2. Joomla is actually 1.7 and I'm not the web person.

Joomla2.5-JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

Dear Sir,


I tried to install some template for Joomla2.5 with Joomla upload memu but I always get the message as follow, please let me know what's wrong for my setting ?

JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file

The template which I installed includes the "JA Purity II" Template etc.

I did not changed any setting in inmotion and joomla menu and use "file upload method" to transfer the zipped template file.

Thanks for your help.

Joomla 2.5 website Installation Error

When nI installed joomla 2.5 locals ite to server and try to reach administrator backend, i got this message: Parse error, unexpected '=', expecting'(' in ..administartor/includes/framework.php on line 35.
Line 35 is JError::$leggacy = true;
The local site is doing well and is a updated version in joomla 2.58
The configuration.php has been accordingly edited to suit remote site.
The old site is back on and waiting for help to sort this.
Any help is well appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Changing Fields in Joomla 2.5 registration plugin

Hi there i Recently read three articles which showed me hoe to edit the user registration and edit forms. I am using joomla 2.5 have succsessfully changed the field labels and added a new field.

However now the two fields i have edited are stuck on optional field and I want them to become required fields. There are no Error mesages.

In the backend of the site i can change the parameters successfully in profile10 plugin

But the settings dont change in the front end nothing happens in the front end

When the user is presented the form the changed fields are optional


Contact Creator and Profile10

I created the Profile10 user plugin. I added all the additional fields I needed and it works great.

However, now my User Content Creator plugin doesn't show the Profile tab anymore under Contacts since the default User Profile is no longer being used.

Any suggestions on how to get the user profiles to show in contact since I'm using the new customized user profile?



I would be grateful for tutorial on how to build a sitemap in Joomla 2.5 using Joomla's web links if that is possible, thank you.

Site displays index.html instead of index.php

Just moved my site from localhost to my website with Akeeba Quickstart. Move went smooth, but my site displays my index.htm
page when I need it to display my index.php page. My .htacess file is now blank too. Do I need to recreate my .htaccess file and what would be the default config.

Thanks in advance,