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Is there any way to bulk import email forwarders?

smokeyrogo 7 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
I am looking to setup a distribution list using email forwarders. I would like a single email address to forward to dozens of email addresses. Is there any way to do a bulk import of email forwarders instead of entering them in one by one?

Or, is there a better way to setup distribution lists using tools provided by Inmotion?

Forwarder not working?

HappyHour 7 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
A few days ago, I set up an email account and added a forwarder to send all email to my gmail account. I tried a few test emails, but nothing ever came to my gmail account. Today, I decided to delete the account and start all over again just in case I did something wrong. I read the instructions and recreated the account and the forwarder. I sent a couple of test emails, but again nothing got forwarded. I checked the account through cPanel and the email did arrive. I was also able to manually forward the email to my account (I actually cut and pasted the address from the forwarder to make sure I entered it correctly) but the automatic forwarding still hasn't happened. Any suggestions?

box trapper

plane01 7 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
Dear Sir/ Madam.
I already talk 2 times with support team but my box trapper still does not work- ignore list.
I need it for my business. I do everything according rules-no success.
Can somebody help me to prevent spam in my inbox.
I am not happy of this feature-softwear needs to rework.
Please help.

Where are the Sendmail configuration files?

PrimeTime 8 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
I need to setup some virtual domains/email addresses for sendmail, but I don't see any of the usual sendmail configuration files, I can't even find sendmail.cf on our machine!

I've been reading through the sendmail configuration docs anyhow, and I'm pretty sure I want to set up a virtual domain and email addresses so we can forward email off that machine to GoDaddy where our email is already set up for handling. Please NOTE - The domain we're interested in forwarding is not the default domain for our machine, and I have yet to figure out how to add it to the machine using CPanel. We already have the domain up and running, and the default DNS record (the domain is administered on GoDaddy) points to our server correctly at InMotionHosting.com.

But now that the web site is up, we are generating business off of it and we generate emails as well that go to: CustomerService@oursite.com. The trouble of course is that the local machine tries to handle sending those, and can't, so it forwards them to the email attached to the account which is my boss (who doesn't necessarily monitor his email on weekends, not always anyhow). We already have the redirects for those emails setup on GoDaddy, we just gotta get our sendmail configured to forward all email to GoDaddy for handling (using our "MX" records I assume as the guide for where we send those) for our other domain.

Can anyone give me a little advice here on how / where to look to set these things up? I was happy to set out and do it all myself, but totally baffled when I did not find sendmail.cf on our machine.


URL for cgi-bin folder

CapSing 8 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
I'm trying to set up Dada mail and I need the URL to the uncompress_dada.cgi to continue with the installation. I've followed the video and written instructions, but there's nothing about what path to type. Please help.

What is mailbox quota?

Dredrick 8 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
Im setting up my email account, and there's 2 options for mailbox quota: 250mb and unlimited. I wanted to know exactly what it is, so I know what to choose. I know it has something thing to do with space.

i sent 100 messages in one day. when does new day begin so i may send more messages

whampus 8 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
On squirrelmail (tormail.net) if you send 100 messages in one day that's the limit. When does new day start? Am I even in the right place?

How do I create custom DNS records?

Meadhbha 8 years ago in Email / Everything Email 0
I have my web hosting here with InMotion and my domain registration and email services through GoDaddy. Because of this, I need to change several settings to get both my website and email up and running at the same time. The last step is to add records to the zone file of my domain name here. However, I have no idea how to access the zone file editor. Is this something I can get to via cPanel?