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Export OLD Outlook PST

Luis Garza yesterday at 12:31 p.m. in Email / Email Client Setup updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) yesterday at 2:15 p.m. 1

I do have a PST from the old domain and i still need info from that PST. Is there any way to export my old PST into an email account from my new domain?


contact us email not received

bliss.rushikesh yesterday at 2:11 a.m. in Email / Email Troubleshooting updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) yesterday at noon 1

in sites contact us page customers contact email not received

Alyssa K 3 days ago

Hello Dawnzella Gearhart, 

Thank you for your question regarding forwarded emails going to the spam folder in error. I recommend reviewing the following guide that outlines why this occurs and how to resolve the issue:


Please let us know if you have any further questions, we are happy to help. 

Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


Password-Recovery/SpamExperts never sends me the Temporary Password

rocky42 1 year ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I have the "info@" account just started. Have received and sent emails. When trying to get into SpamExperts, I enter the domain (several times now) and after a half-hour still never receive the link to reset P/W so I can enter the system.

Email for add-on domains

dprice_2000 1 year ago in Email 0
Is it possible to have a unique email address based on the add-on domain? i.e. main domain email: info@.com add-on domain email: info@.com


AMPOLMOVINGINC 1 year ago in Email 0
Customers send us emails using the contact form on our website. When I receive it in my mailbox and I click on "reply" it automatically tries to send an email to us instead of the email address that was provided by the customer.

Is there a way to fix it??

Box Trapper Down for me & can't submit support ticket

DJRizzo 1 year ago in Email / Fighting Spam 0
I attempted to submit a ticket on this. But every time I clicked "submit" nothing happened. I tried it in both Safari & Chrome web browsers. Don't have time to call nor time to wait for a chat agent (35 minute wait being quoted right now). I'm being inundated with spam so hopefully I can get help here in case I'm missing something on my end.

I use Box Trapper on my primary email account. Today it is allowing all email to pass through. This includes email that is NOT on my whitelist and IS on my ignore list. I verified the issue by adding my Gmail account to my blacklist then sending an email from my gmail to my primary account. The email successfully passed Box Trapper and I did not receive the automatic blacklist response.

I have verified Box Trapper is enabled in the control panel. I disabled it, then re-enabled it and the issue persists. The Box Trapper log does not show any activity at all for today, but it does show activity for yesterday. I used the Box Trapper queue just last night so I know it's only been 12 hours or less since this issue started.

In the meantime I turned on Spam Assassin, but with the volume of Spam I get I prefer Box Trapper.

Any help is appreciated.

Horde Shared Address Book function not working

nev 1 year ago in Email / Horde Webmail 0
When I populate the shared address book with contacts, it is not visible to any other accounts. In cPanel Email accounts I have "Shared Address Book" enabled. It worked normally with my previous hosting provider. I've been trying for hours - anyone have any ideas?

The Set of Folders Cannot be Opened Error

BrookGBengtson 1 year ago in Email / Outlook 0
While working in Outlook 2016, I get an error message
“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The operation failed.”

I have found few blogs, suggest which one is suitable for me.
Few Blogs:

Emails are not received by microsoft email addresses

Tunay 1 year ago in Email 0
We use the inmotion email server and it seems like our email server IP is blocked by Microsoft so all our sent emails to outlook/hotmail/live/microsoft.com are bouncing back with a message saying our IP is part of a blacklist. We need an urgent support for this. We have already filled out the form to Microsoft like a month ago, still no response. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?