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Issues with Access to a File

We're having difficulty getting a wordpress theme (we purchased) to work properly. We've installed it on a separate server on a dev site and it works perfectly fine whereas the live site is having difficulties.

The theme file references a JS file called jquery.cookie.js. Unfortunately, when its named this way, the website leads to a 404 page causing us problems. But if I rename it to jquery.cook.js it works but the theme doesn't work as perfectly.

Is there a setting on the server that prevents this file from being viewed?

I'm searching for a WordPress tutorial video - "building a $2,500 website."

It's a step-by step how-to, a bit longer than 1 hr. Sorry, I didn't bookmark this video and now can't find it. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Now what?

I believe set up Wordpress to create my website but now have not clue or path to do so. hmmmmm

get rid of wordpress

How do I get rid of WordPress? I installed it and now when I type my domain name into Google, only the blog shows up, not my web page.

Moving my blogger blog to wordpress on inmotion hosting

I want to move my blogger real estate blog to inmotion on the WordPress platform without loosing subscribers or seo rank on Google, can this be done smoothly on inmotion hosting

Help pointing non-www site to www - getting "error establishing a database connection"


I'm trying to redirect my Wordpress site to point from non-www to www. That is, http://bharari.net should point to http://www.bharari.net.

I tried to do this 2 different ways. Using the 301 redirection method, I modified .htaccess to point non-www to www. When I do this I get a redirect loop error.

So I tried another way. In cPanel, I made the following updates in wp-config.php (added "www" after http://):


I also went to MyPhpAdmin and updated the siteurl value of wp_options table for the database to include "www".

After I do all this, I get an "Error establishing a database connection" when I visit my web site.

what am I doing wrong? I've undone the changes for now.

Many thanks!

WordPress password resets

The password to the WordPress admin site only works once. After that, I need to reset it in order to log in to the admin site again.

Here's what happens:

1. Once I've reset the password, I log in to the admin site.
2. I do some work on the admin site.
3. I close the admin site.
4. When I try to log in to the admin site again, I have to reset the password so that I can log in again.

I've tried the solutions in the following 2 threads without success:



New Site

Through inMotion I have the domain www.jasonberry.com with subdomains under that. I would like to change www.jasonberry.com to be a WordPress theme site. I have downloaded the theme I would like to use. What must I do next? I assume I need to upload the folder via FTP to my public_html folder but I tried that and it did not seem to work. I do not want to disturb my other subdomains so any help would be appreciated.

wordpress mod security blocking stricty tweetbot

why am I getting the error 406? And, better, how do I modify this to work?