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Why is my site showing Error establishing a database connection?

Woko ThankGod 2 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 months ago 1

When I try to open my site, it shows 

Error establishing a database connection

please what's the issue 


How Do I Configure the Storage Database Setup for phpMyAdmin?

Bob B. 4 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by Carlos D (Content Marketing Coordinator) 4 months ago 2

please provide help with phpMyAdmin configuration storage database setup

There is a “Designer” tool that allows us to setup relationships between the tables (foreign key relationships). While is nice, by default phpMyAdmin doesn’t remember the location of tables as they were placed by user dragging and dropping. The default placement is everything stacked on top of each other.  There is “Save” feature, but it doesn’t work unless you have the phpMyAdmin configuration storage database setup. Inmotion hosting does not have this setup by default for shared hosting accounts.   I would like to be able to save my database table relationship placement in the designer tool.  thanks.


Hi Bob.

Thanks for your patience as I gathered some more information regarding your question about configuring the phpMyAdmin storage database setup. Unfortunately, the phpMyAdmin installation that comes with cPanel can not be modified to allow this kind of functionality in the Shared Hosting environment. However, you can install your own phpMyAdmin instance and therefore should be able to manipulate the features available in your custom installation. Note that this instance will not be integrated with cPanel though.

I hope this helps! If you have further questions please feel free to reply back; we are always happy to help.


Carlos D.