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new MySQL user not working through SSH

Brettflan 4 weeks ago in Technical Support / Database updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 4 weeks ago 3

We have just upgraded to a VPS plan in order to get Magento 2.4 fully working (it requires elasticsearch, which needed the VPS and which I've already installed; that's unrelated to my problem though).

I've just added a new MySQL database through cPanel, and added a user for it, which is of course listed as associated with the database.

When I go into the Root WHM panel's Terminal and try to connect to MySQL through commandline for that user, it works fine.

Example command (replaced actual username with "test_db_user"):

mysql -u test_db_user -p

It connects with that user account fine.

However, when I connect through SSH as my standard CPanel user and run the same command, giving the same password,I get:

ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'test_db_user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

After checking through various things, I then added privileges for an existing MySQL user to the new database. I again can connect fine through the root terminal to the older username, and running "show databases;" lists the older database that user already had access to along with the new database which I just added privileges for. No problems there.

I then connect again through SSH as my standard CPanel user and try to connect to MySQL while specifying that older MySQL user. This time it connects properly, no error. However, when I run "show databases;", it only lists the old database that MySQL user already had access to; it doesn't list the new database, even though the new database showed up through the same command through the root terminal.

It's like it's seeing an older cached version of the MySQL databases (or maybe just MySQL users) when I try to connect through my standard account through SSH. I've tried restarting the MySQL service and restarting the VPS itself, no change in behavior.

Why would this be happening? How can I fix it? Will it just fix itself given enough time? I need to be able to run the installer for Magento 2.4 through SSH which naturally requires database access, so I need to find a fix. The only workaround I can think of is to co-opt an older existing database and user, just wiping that database, but I'd rather not have to resort to that.


How can i connect to my database with a shared hosting plan - from external source?

IPR0310 2 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated 2 months ago 4

Hi, first off all i'm getting interested in buying 
Shared hosting plan for 1 year, which is the "Power plan"
but before that i'm getting a lot of doubts about a database connection
so i'll make two basic questions:

Before the questions, Take notes:
I'm planning to use inmotion hosting "Power plan" shared hosting, NOT VPS, NOT dedicated servers
2)I'm planning to use inmotion hosting databases from external sources like for example, from AWS lambda with node.js
for certain (mandatory) reasons,

1-How can i connect to an inmotion hosting database with the shared hosting plan from a external server from amazon web services?
For example, i've coded a software and deployed it to aws lambda, but now i want to connect from an aws lambda server to an inmotion hosting database with the shared hosting plan.
How can i get access to that database?

2-What is the connection limit from a database with shared hosting plan?

¡Thanks for reading!
And i need help ASAP before buying it!


Hello! I checked with one of our senior Support Technicians, and confirmed that you should be able to do all of this by setting up a remote MySQL connection in cPanel

The database connection limit on shared accounts would be 20. Hope that helps!


Hi, I have some database issues 1. 'max_user_connections' active connections". 2. mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory

Hansy 2 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by Alyssa K 2 months ago 1

I have problem understanding why I get the max-user-connection message. I am 100% sure that I close the connection. Everywhere I open the connection I close it. And as a failsafe If check in the destructor of my db-driver if the connection is still open and is so I close it there. And I don't get so many visitors on my site that they can cause this issue. I log all my database errors, so I know when something doesn't work. But I don't get other errors when I get the max-user-connection problem.

The second issue is this message "mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory". It is rare that I get this, I never change the name of my databases. If it was changed I would get this message all the time. But it give me the feeling that the problem is  more on the server side or connection. 


Alyssa K 2 months ago

Hello Hansy, 

Thank you for your question regarding MySQL connections. Unfortunately, as this is a public forum, I am unable to provide account-specific information. I recommend contacting our Technical Support team for direct assistance with this issue:


Best Regards, 

Alyssa K.


phpmyadmin not launching

ksmea 9 years ago in Technical Support / Database 0
I'm having difficulty accessing phpMyAdmin from my work computer lately. I've had normal access in the past. This seems to be a recent problem. I can usually access phpMyAdmin normally from home, although it was spotty today.

Now, when I'm at my work computer, I click on the phpMyAdmin icon in cPanel, it launches a new tab and then freezes on "Please be patient, you will be redirected in a moment.... " and never gets anywhere.


Can I export to Azure?

tuffyboy 10 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 10 months ago 1

Can I use Mysql replication for a database in one domain to another?

franzag 10 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 10 months ago 1

Currently the company Im working for have 5+ accounts in inmotion hosting.

It is posible to somehow replicate a database from one account in one domain to another in other domain?

Using MySQL replication o simple getting access to copy by hand. 

Cant connect to the database in other domain even if I add the IP of the "slave" domain in MySQL remote access config in cpanel.


Its possible to copy/access a database in one domain to/from another?

franzag 10 months ago in Technical Support / Database updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 10 months ago 1

Its possible to copy/access a database in one domain to/from another?

I need to move a Laravel app from one domain to another and will lose access to the database of the default app in that domain.

Its possible to access the database X of domain A.COM from another domain ??

Wich Mysql server/host and user/password I must provide ?


How Do I Configure the Storage Database Setup for phpMyAdmin?

Bob B. 1 year ago in Technical Support / Database updated by anonymous (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 year ago 2

please provide help with phpMyAdmin configuration storage database setup

There is a “Designer” tool that allows us to setup relationships between the tables (foreign key relationships). While is nice, by default phpMyAdmin doesn’t remember the location of tables as they were placed by user dragging and dropping. The default placement is everything stacked on top of each other.  There is “Save” feature, but it doesn’t work unless you have the phpMyAdmin configuration storage database setup. Inmotion hosting does not have this setup by default for shared hosting accounts.   I would like to be able to save my database table relationship placement in the designer tool.  thanks.


Hi Bob.

Thanks for your patience as I gathered some more information regarding your question about configuring the phpMyAdmin storage database setup. Unfortunately, the phpMyAdmin installation that comes with cPanel can not be modified to allow this kind of functionality in the Shared Hosting environment. However, you can install your own phpMyAdmin instance and therefore should be able to manipulate the features available in your custom installation. Note that this instance will not be integrated with cPanel though.

I hope this helps! If you have further questions please feel free to reply back; we are always happy to help.


Carlos D.