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Increase the max_input_vars in php.ini

Andre_Sa 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Prestashop 15 0
I am stuck with an error:
"Warning, your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form: 1000 for max_input_vars.
Please ask your hosting provider to increase the this limit to 1318 at least or edit the translation file manually." when I try to alter some translations on my front Office. Is it possible to increase the max_input_vars from the 1000 default to 1500 ou 2000?

how do i uninstall robbot txt file on prestashop?

ebolco5 7 years ago in Ecommerce / Prestashop 15 0
I am working with PRESTASHOP software. I was trying to edit some features on my website precisely SEO&URLS under PREFERENCES, i clicked on "GENERATE ROBBOT.TXT FILE" and now when i click anywhere on my website, it keeps telling me "this web cannot be displayed" even though my network is funtioning very well, please help! Thank you.